The Wonder coach

Leadership coach

Inspiring one-on-one or group coaching to improve leadership performance

Coaching to improve leadership performance
With benefits that spread throughout your organisation

Effective and successful leadership and culture doesn’t happen by accident. More effective, healthier organisations come alive only when they allow it to with an open mind, guidance and encouragement. Peter coached teams and managers throughout his hotel and corporate career and will carefully guide your continuing evolution with his tailored one-on-one and group coaching experiences.

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Improve your team's performance

Designed for business leaders, team managers and human resources specialists, Peter will weave his Genie magic with a good dose of refreshing fun, and dive deep into the ways they can nourish and enliven your culture into an extraordinary one. Peter’s area of focus includes:

  • Developing a more effective leadership style
  • Improving interpersonal or communication skills
  • Finding that elusive work/life balance
  • Enhancing presentation and networking skills
  • Recognising and implementing effective staff development
  • Strengthening self-confidence and well-being
Improve your business performance

Organisations require emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills of leaders. Peter’s coaching will enable you to not only retain your valuable team, but to inspire and develop talented people so as to bring about high-performing teams. Peter’s area of focus includes:

  • Leadership development
  • Improving communication skills
  • Improving teamwork
  • Improving decision-making
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing employee engagement
Participant reactions

Peter did a phenomenal job captivating our audience with his message of communication and customer service at our Leadership Development Symposium in Honolulu.

Carlie Woodward-Dela Cruz

Real Estate Asset Manager, Bank of Hawaii

Peter coached me over a six month period to help me prepare for my first public speaking event. He was encouraging, enthusiastic and really committed to helping me achieve a successful outcome. I could not have done it without him!

Carolyn Trickett

Global Alliances Growth Lead - Asia Pacific, JLL Technologies

Peter’s coaching exudes excellence. I was fortunate enough to be a member of his team at Tower 42. His attention to detail is second to none, as is his a never-ending commitment to exceed expectations.

Danny Lemon

General Manager, The Shard, London

I have found in my 46 years of life that often the unexpected pleasures I experience are the best. Such was the case when I attended Peter Merrett's "Whatever Happened to Wonderful" presentation at the BOMA Hawaii Leadership Summit.

David Heard

Director of Business Development, Redmont Group

Wow! Peter, the energy with which you share your passion and knowledge reminds me of Walt Disney. You have fun - while educating at the same time!

Doug Lipp

Speaker and Author, Disney U

I attended a coaching session on public speaking by Peter Merrett in Nashville. He captured the audience’s attention the moment we walked into the room and the excitement of his magic touch never stopped.

Rebecca Hanner

Sr. Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield