Bringing Wonderful to Life

Wonderful is the craftsmanship of care

Let the magic begin


Venture beyond
the boredom of normal

Master the art of possibility, fun and permission

With creativity

With curiosity

An electrifying atmosphere

A refreshing perspective

Your fullest potential

To bring wonderful to life

Peter's Wonderful Ethos

Happiness over process ... People at the heart of everything

Wonderful ...

So, what is Wonderful anyway?

The House of Wonderful
It's the very essence that makes people feel inspired and want to do more

Wonderful is the difference between a thriving organisation and a mediocre one. It’s the very essence that makes people feel inspired and want to do more. It’s the moment you give someone goosebumps because they’ve just had an incredible customer experience or felt deeply appreciated as an employee. Wonderful comes to life when we take a process, add emotion and sprinkle it with gratitude so your business can grow.

Above all else, you’ll enjoy the permission to venture beyond the boredom of normal and break away from the constraints of conformity! With the aid of Peter’s wizardry tools, you’ll re-discover your creativity and learn the most essential of business secrets – how to master the art of possibility, fun and permission.

Meet Peter Merrett
International speaker - Genie - Coach

Is this the bit where one is meant to talk about Peter’s career highlights and how he used to be head honcho of this and that, loves jogging and has a dog called Fred? Because Peter doesn’t have a dog called Fred.

The truth of the matter is, he’d rather talk about why he does what he does – and why time spent with him will transform your business into the ‘show’ that will make people remember your business.

Peter can help you to see things differently. He always knows there’s a better way of doing something to enhance an experience. His approach is sparkling, colourful, intriguing and elegant.

Peter loves all of the tiny little things he can do to make amazing experiences. By paying attention to the tiddly, minute details, Peter can evoke a feeling of ‘yes’ in your people and your customers. He can uplift, inspire and delight them. What Peter does is the stuff of fairytale reality and possibility – and yes, it’s quite unique.

Peter's personal values
Be humble - Stay gracious - Express kindness

By entering the gates of The House of Wonderful, you are warmly invited to enjoy the anticipation! You will be amazed by the impact on your business from your visit, all without spending a penny on marketing.

A partnership with The House of Wonderful inspires a culture of fun where:

  • Employees feel appreciated
  • Customers experience out-of-this-world service
  • Repeat business is ensured
  • Bigger market share is achieved
  • Your bottom line is improved

Peter's adventures

Tales from his illustrious career

Peter has managed some of the finest luxury hotels in the United Kingdom, where he lived and breathed the beautiful craft of hospitality and service.

Later in his career, Peter’s team pioneered the ‘office-hotel’ concept at the iconic Tower 42 in London, the first-of-its-kind luxury hotel in a commercial office building. In 2008, the property became the first from Europe to win the International TOBY Award (The Outstanding Building of the Year).

Since moving to Australia, Peter enjoyed seven fabulous years as Head of Customer Experience across the Property and Asset Management division of JLL Australia. 2015 saw his amazing team crowned winners at the prestigious International Business Excellence Awards for Customer Experience.

As the NSW Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia, he has had the thrill of taking his leadership in a very new direction on behalf of some of the most highly acclaimed speakers in Australia.

Today Peter is delighted to be an Ambassador of BOMA International and recently served as Chair of the International Region Council for five years. Founded in 1907, BOMA is an international federation representing building owners and managers of all commercial property types, including nearly 10.5 billion square feet of US office space.

Who Peter's worked with