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    Testimonials and reviews

We call you Memorable Mr Merrett! It's been two years since your keynote and we still talk about it today!

Tracy Flissar
General Manager, JLL America

Over 300 members of our JLL Mid-Atlantic Property Management team had the benefit of Peter in the role of both keynote speaker and session leader during our most recent Quarterly Days of Training. Peter has the unique ability to not only deliver a meaningful message to a large room, but just as importantly in a small group workshop setting. His programs dovetailed exceptionally into our ability of advancing the messages of Leadership, Career Development, Collegiality, Innovation and the JLL Way.

Tim Hearn
Senior Managing Director, JLL America

I've never left a conference feeling so uplifted, or so reaffirmed in my commitment to being empathetic and kind in my job.

Sarah Carles
Project Support Officer, City of Casey

We asked Peter to speak to our leaders at Auction.com in Costa Mesa and he did an amazing job. We have over 100 leaders from Supervisors through Senior Executives and Peter's message of 'Bringing Wonderful to Life' was inspiring, motivational and resonated with our team on both a professional and personal level. Since the engagement our team has used his message with their teams and themselves.

Rob Behrend
Senior Vice President, Auction.com

I had the pleasure to meet Peter and witness first-hand, the magic he weaves as he takes his audience on a simple journey and reminds them what is important in what we do and how we interact with the people around us. His simple messages have a childlike innocence that has been tempered by the wisdom of experience and they still resonate with me. Stay Humble. Be Gracious. Express Kindness.

Mirza Shamid
Leadership Development, Strategist, Department of Economic Development

Inspiring presentation with practical ideas. It left participants of the LGPro/IPAA Young Professionals Melbourne Conference feeling empowered to create magical experiences for their clients, customers and communities.

Georgia Borland
Marketing Manager, HR Legal

Wow! Peter, the energy with which you share your passion and knowledge reminds me of Walt Disney. You have fun - while educating at the same time!

Doug Lipp
Speaker and Author, Disney U

This is the first time I have ever had such a theatrical experience outside of a theatre!

Daniel Haile-Michael
Community Project Engineer, Hindmarsh Shire Council

Have you ever met someone that made such a profound impact in your life, that it changed the course of your actions and thoughts? Well, Peter was that someone for me. Simply put, Peter is AMAZING! I had the honor of experiencing his'gift for speaking' at a recent company event. I was and still am, mesmerized by his ability to command the stage as well as his humble messages of 'Bringing Wonderful to Life'. In a very sincere and relatable way, Peter teaches about building up the courage to be genuine and authentic to yourself, while helping to motivate others around you.

Corrine Barnett
Property Manager, Columbia Property Trust, Atlanta

Have known Peter for years through his involvement and leadership in BOMA International, but just attended his session on public speaking at the BOMA Conference in Nashville. Wow! Not only learned a lot but had a blast in the process. I've been an international public speaker for almost 20 years and still picked up some great tips and tricks to improve my skills.

Brenna S. Walraven
President and CEO, Corporate Sustainability Strategies