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Peter's signature range of workshops ensure your culture is one that sparkles with extraordinary customer service

Peter’s signature range of workshops
Customer service excellence with heart

Peter’s signature range of Wonder workshops can be fully customised and experienced in groups of various sizes, either in-person or virtually. Peter’s workshops offer everything you could possibly wish for to ensure your culture is one that sparkles with extraordinary customer service.

From Wonder comes kindness, and when applied to the heart of a workplace or customer service culture and strategy, it becomes the ultimate differentiator. Anything becomes possible and everything just works. More than this, your likeability becomes your credibility.

Wonder is still inside us and only needs your permission to bring it back. The unexpected comes to life when we encourage people to be themselves and allow their minds to Wonder – and instead of locking themselves inside a process or formal procedure, rather allowing their creativity to fly.

And the beauty of Wonder is that it costs nothing.

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Participant reactions

Your message will forever change the way that I think about work. A must experience for any business who wants to increase employee and customer engagement!

Belinda Falzon

COO, Kingpin, Australia

I attended Peter’s ‘Putting on a Show-Stopping Performance’ in Orlando. This seminar could be the ‘icon’ of how to do it. WOW!

Howard Haberman

President, Haberman Associates

Peter injects a sense of FUN and play into the business of customer service in a way I’ve never seen before. His positive energy, attitude and charisma is so infectious the room literally twinkles with happiness when he’s on stage.

Lisa Ippolito

Training & Development, Hume City Council

If anyone hasn't had the opportunity to experience Peter Merrett you are surely missing out. His mixture of humour and thought-provoking insights kept us captivated from start to finish. It was nothing short of fantastic!

Michael Young

Chief of Security, Ward Village, Honolulu

Within minutes of entering The House of Wonderful FunShop, I felt my 14-year-old-self take over my 44-year-old body and mind!

Shey Gulley

General Manager, JLL Washington DC

Peter has the unique ability to not only deliver a meaningful message to a large room, but just as importantly in a small group workshop setting.

Tim Hearn

Senior Managing Director, JLL America

More than just workshop training

Think of it as workshop style learning - the 'funshop' way!

Peter’s workshops can be fully customised and experienced in groups of various sizes, either in-person or virtually. It really couldn’t be any easier and yes, it’s truly Wonderful!

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Awakening Wonder
Free your hidden powers to create exquisite teams and extraordinary customer service

Awakening Wonder is a workshop learning experience for anyone who is truly motivated in transforming team spirit and customer experience from normal to wonderful. Savour the special ingredients of doing business with heart, with this ‘tasting plate spectacular’. Awakening Wonder will uncover numerous touches of Wonder, to raise your business culture, team spirit and customer experience right up through the roof.

Awakening Wonder

The Magic Mirror
Reflect on your team, yourself as a leader, and what makes your business thrive

The Magic Mirror workshop will see you looking inwards and see a true reflection on what you actually convey internally within your business – and externally to your customers.

Confronting and uplifting, The Magic Mirror provides you an insight and opportunity to discover and restore what might be missing in your team so as to create extraordinary customer experiences.

The Magic Mirror

Leading With Wonder
Master the craftsmanship of positive leadership

Leading With Wonder explores the benefits and essence of positive leadership, what it means and what it looks like. This workshop provides simple, high-impact and thought-provoking best practice leadership ideas and examples. Leading With Wonder equips your leaders with the craftsmanship to elevate a culture of team-spirited service excellence. Confidently enhance the success of your customer experience by ensuring your employees feel special, involved, and appreciated.

Leading With Wonder

A Million Bubbles
Change the way your customers experience you forever

A Million Bubbles is a customer experience workshop that will help make your business truly stand-out. Learn what it takes to go that extra mile – filling your team with A Million Bubbles of wonderful positivity, leaving them feeling inspired, motivated, and brimming with eagerness to put 100% into all the little things that make the biggest difference.

A Million Bubbles is not another tedious workshop session, that’s for sure!

A Million Bubbles

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